BCARTW Member Update 2016

Dear Members,

BCARTW Application Form to be included in Retirement packages

The delegates from Unit R55 attended the TWU, USW Local Annual Delegated Meeting (LADM) (previously Convention) last week. They appealed the decision to not include the BCARTW application form in the retirement packages sent out from the TWU, USW Local 1944 office. The President of Unit R55 stated the reasons that the application form should be included. The reasons to not include it were presented by the Local Union, and the decision of the LADM delegates was that the form be included. (The emails sent in by
the retirees did have an impact, but were not enough to have the decision changed.)

Unit R55 not to be seated as delegates at the TWU, USW Local 1944 Bargaining Local Annual Delegated Meeting (Bargaining convention)

The LADM delegates debated the seating of Unit R55 delegates at the Bargaining LADM. The decision was that Unit R55 is not part of the Bargaining Unit and therefore not allowed to be seated as delegates. That will not change. There was no report on bargaining made to the LADM by the Bargaining Committee. Negotiations are ongoing.

Unit R55’s two motions re Election of Pension Trustees

These motions were passed at the Unit R55 Annual General Meeting in May 2015. The motion to have all four pension trustees elected at the LADM was ruled out of order by the Chairperson of the LADM because of a spelling error. lt was later established that
the error was not made by R55, but it was too late to have the motion brought back to the floor.

The motion to form a sub-committee of the Bylaw committee to review the issue of election of Pension Trustees was also ruled out of order.

Pension Report

There was a pension report made to the TWPP members at the LADM.  Pension Trustees will be in attendance at the Unit R55 Annual General Meeting, and will present pension information at that time. For those not able to attend the meeting, a report will
be drafted and sent out at a later date.

For more information, please attend the Unit R55 AGM June 8th at 12 noon. Doors open at 11 a.m. BCARTW AGM to follow at 2:30 pm.

In Solidarity,
Rick Fleming,
President BCARTW and Unit R55